Assignment 10 - The Finishing Touch

Smartphone Photography – Just Do It Workshop

Step 1: Opening the camera

Choose your best photo you’ve taken and give it the finishing touch anyway by editing it with your phone. Show us your chosen photo and your final result.

If you already edit your photos on your phone, use the app you are familiar with. If you have never done this before, use one of the free apps below.

Is editing your best photo too far for you? then scroll down to read what you still need to do.


What is the best free app for photo editing? Our number one might be it. 

Snapseed is well known and has become one of the most popular photo editing apps. 

Snapseed is a free, professional photo editor app owned by Google. It offers an outstanding balance between simplicity and in-depth editing. 

You’ll find a great selection of over 29 essential tools and filters within the app. You’ll also find healing, brush, structure, HDR, and perspective correction features. One of its highlights is an impressive portrait tool.

Android or iPhone

Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is a powerful and impressive photo editing app. The app is part of the software suite with Lightroom, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, or their Photography Plan. 

The range of features makes Lightroom one of the best photo editing apps. 

The bonus is that the app is free. You can use a decent variety of standard editing tools in their free version.

 The free version lets you easily retouch, crop, and enhance. You can apply detailed effects with simple sliders and select from broad color adjustments.

Download: Android or iPhone

ACTION: Show us your chosen photo and your final result.


This was it! Thank you for participating and enjoy the rest of this day!

Greetings Hella and Marcel